10 Ways to make Commerce Human with Infosys Equinox

New possibilities for the next evolution of e-commerce

Humanizing Commerce: Way #1

It’s Time
Commerce Was Conversational.

Every conversation is an opportunity for commerce. Provide buyers a seamless experience to interact with your store from their choice of voice or chat interfaces.

Support talk-to-transaction with frictionless voice and chat experiences.


Humanizing Commerce: Way #2

It’s Time You Had Best-of-Breed Commerce at lightning speed.

Now, building your ideal commerce application won’t take forever. Nor will it burden your internal teams with maintenance-intensive activities.

Launch fast sans friction with the Infosys Equinox global partner ecosystem.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #3

It’s Time For Retail-Tainment.

Seamlessly connect your customer journeys across physical and digital channels. Give them the best of all worlds with personalized and delightful experiences.

Make phygital retail seamless and unify customer journeys with microservices.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #5

It’s Time Enabling Experiences Was as Simple as Drag-and-Drop.

Why should ease-of-use be limited to consumer apps? See how Infosys Equinox STUDIO allows non-technical users to easily craft rich experiences for shoppers.

Break free from IT with enterprise-grade digital experience management.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #6

It’s Time Microservices Were Business User Friendly.

Headless microservices enable faster updates with greater control and flexibility. React to market needs quickly without compromising customer experience.

Find your perfect equilibrium between agility and adaptability with Infosys Equinox flexible admin.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #7

It’s Time To Take Headless Commerce to the Next Level.

Why settle for a rigid solution that limits flexibility and speed? Choose an API-driven commerce platform that adapts to your business goals effortlessly.

Master digital transformation with flexible and scalable microservices architecture.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #8

It’s Time to Own Your "X Factor".

There’s MACH. And then there is the developer-friendly MACH-X – to keep it simple and easy. Plug and play microservices without falling off the upgrade path.

Compose your ideal commerce application with open-stack MACH-X architecture.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #9

It’s Time Digital Truly Supported the Entire Customer Journey.

Ensure a seamless journey across all customer touchpoints with CaaS. This includes phygital, social, real-world retail, and your partner ecosystem.

Take customer experience to the next level with end-to-end CaaS.

Humanizing Commerce: Way #10

It’s Time Commerce Was Hyper-Personal.

Know Thy Customer (KTC) and collect data from various channels and devices. Use predictive analytics to serve hyper-personalized messages at all touchpoints.

What if next-gen analytics could decode your customer’s DNA?

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