Think Out-of-the-Box

With over twenty five technology partners, Infosys Equinox makes it easy to compose your ideal commerce solution. Choose pre-integrated options from leading providers of tax, payments, AVS, shipping, search, personalization, fraud, analytics and more to launch fast without friction.

Bring Your Own Platform

Want to keep your vendors of choice? Infosys Equinox integrates seamlessly with any third-party platform in the commerce ecosystem. Our professional services team is here to help.

Get Innovative

Leverage the integrations Infosys Equinox has built with leading edge experience providers for conversational commerce, AI chatbots, and more, in addition to our pre-built industry experiences.

Ultimate Freedom

Infosys Equinox has an open and interoperable platform that enables you to swap vendors in and out so you can stay modern and best-of-breed.