Our Technology Stack

We built Infosys Equinox with best-of-breed, open source technologies
to let you follow your own roadmap.

Future ready.

No need to start from scratch. With Infosys Equinox, you can hit the ground running. Our comprehensive framework provides a stable, turnkey environment to house your microservices and optimize your development pipeline for rapid deployment.

Use and extend our microservices, bring your own, or build your own. Our disposable architecture lets you swap components in and out for a perfect-fit solution that evolves with your business.

Open Source

Built from the ground up with best-of-breed, highly available, open source technologies, Infosys Equinox is the most accessible and developer-friendly microservices platform. Extend our Spring Boot-based microservices, develop Java-based programs on top of our SDK, bring third-party solutions, and deploy everything in one place.

Need a bespoke microservice? Build it with our stack, or have us build it for you.


Orchestration is where the magic happens. Configure your journeys, customize your business logic, and interoperate with any microservice or application such as Infosys Equinox or any other third-party application. Extend and modify our Apache Camel-based, opinionated orchestration layer to support your unique requirements for front-end features or back-office tooling.

Our orchestration layer is not limited to commerce. Use it as a foundation for microservices architecture anywhere in your organization.


Leverage our framework to support fully automated DevSecOps and CI/CD pipelines with the right automated checks and balances to streamline development and production. With 24x7 infrastructure operations and monitoring, custom dashboards and metrics, custom deployment schedules, and release management, Infosys Equinox keeps you agile.


The right-fit composable solution for you will involve more than just Infosys Equinox microservices and it should be in one place. Deploy Infosys Equinox and your other applications and microservices together to simplify hosting, orchestration, performance monitoring, and maintenance. Our unified, cloud-based infrastructure eliminates redundancies and speeds delivery.