Architectural Principles

What sets Infosys Equinox apart?
The fact that it’s built for unparalleled flexibility.


You want more than MACH. You want to solve for X, the unknown variable. Whatever your X-factor, our any cloud, open technology stack has you covered. It is what makes Infosys Equinox the most flexible microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and any cloud headless commerce solution on the market.


Infosys Equinox is everything you expect from a MACH-ready solution. Our microservices are independently deployable and scalable, API-first, cloud-native, and headless. Use all our microservices or pick and choose to suit your custom needs across B2C, B2B, and B2X journeys.

Open Stack (X)

Stay lean and agile

Infosys Equinox is purpose-built with best-of-breed, open source technologies. You do not need costly development resources or special consultants to customize or build your own microservices with our stack.

Compose and dispose

Integrate with leading third-party capabilities for search, tax, payments, and experience management, or swap them in and out as desired. Do the same with foundational framework components. With Infosys Equinox, you can trade out your front-end, cloud platform, container management, or any other capability you need without disrupting your application.

Extend your admin capabilities

Get robust business user tooling out of the box with Infosys Equinox and optimize it for your operations. Our admin interfaces use the Thymeleaf template engine to support added functionality.

Stay on the upgrade path

Overwrite endpoints with custom code and add new endpoints into existing domains. The Infosys Equinox framework keeps your customizations separate from the core, so you never fall off your upgrade path.

Any Cloud

Do you have multiple cloud deployments and is your IT environment complex? Only Infosys Equinox lets you deploy components in AWS, Azure, Google (or any public cloud) together with your current system to streamline hosting, orchestration, DevOps, monitoring, and maintenance. Need to change cloud providers or move SaaS on-premises? No problem, your system stays intact.


Compliance and security are at the core of the Infosys Equinox design. We offer end-to-end security, data privacy protection, accessibility, cyberattack protection, and more. Our software is internally and externally audited by accredited consultants on a monthly to annual basis, and with every major platform release.

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    ISO 27001

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    GDPR and CCPA

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    DDoS prevention

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    data encryption

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    Configurable web
    firewall policies

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    API gateway

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    secret storage


Built on high resiliency and auto-failover architecture, Infosys Equinox guarantees 99.99% uptime with 10–250 ms API response time. Support for multiple regions with high availability and deliver lightning-fast performance for your valued customers.