Ready-to-launch, precomposed experiences that extend commerce to
in-app, in-store, IoT, and B2B2X environments


Explore the Infosys Equinox suite of pre-built experience “heads” for D2C, retail, B2B, and more. Like our microservices, our quick-launch reference experiences are extensible to fit your unique requirements and use cases.

Experiential Commerce

Infosys Equinox enables experiential commerce capabilities both in-store as well as on brand sites. Enable experiences like virtual try-on, cart syndication, and mobile self-checkout to enhance customer experience.

Virtual try-on

Enable customers to try on apparel and accessories virtually through their mobile app or browser with Infosys Equinox. A leading jeweler is currently using this feature to enable product customization and accelerate digital sales.

Mobile self-checkout

Extend digital content and commerce, endless aisle and mobile self-checkout to pop-up shops, pop-in stores, events and festivals, trade events, and “unmanned retail” outlets such as smart kiosks and vending machines. Infosys Equinox helps gather customer data across phygital touchpoints and integrate with loyalty programs, personalization engines, CRM, and analytics.

Virtual Closet

Create a new, contextual experience for retail shoppers. Infosys Equinox enables you to show customers complete outfits styled with items they have previously purchased or saved as favorites with AI-driven recommendations. A leading fashion retailer is currently using this solution to enhance engagement and conversion.

Cart Syndication

Enable shoppers to build their cart on your brand site and check out on another site. One of the world’s largest CPG brands is using Infosys Equinox to route orders to retail partners. This enables them to leverage their own rich content site and reduce the overhead of shipping small orders directly to consumers. For example, customers can browse recipes, add all required ingredients to their cart, and check out the purchases on their preferred retailer’s site.



Infosys Equinox enables you to immerse customers into shopping natively through an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) setup, live events as well as in-game experiences.


Immerse customers in shoppable augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Infosys Equinox supports virtual try-ons, design-a-room, build-a-product, and even provides a tour of your virtual showroom. Gamify product discovery and brand engagement across personal devices and in-store digital experiences.

Live commerce

Make live events natively shoppable with product carousels, product content, promotions, universal cart, and checkout through the proprietary streaming platform of Infosys Equinox. Reward participation with loyalty points, coupons and bundled offers.


Unlock in-game revenue and support subscriptions, micropayments, and user entitlements. Infosys Equinox enables you to gamify shopping and brand engagement as well as connect gaming experiences to customer accounts, loyalty programs, and personalization tools.


Infosys Equinox

Infosys Equinox Studio is a cloud-native application that enables you to design, build, configure, integrate, publish, consume, measure, and iterate next-generation B2[X] commerce experience into a single no-code environment. It provides users with an always-on collaborative workspace that meets today's user expectations while meeting your enterprise's future performance, scalability, and security demands.


Turn any smart object into a shoppable touchpoint. Enable one-touch ordering through voice assistants and smart appliances with Infosys Equinox. Convert wearables, smart clothing tags, TVs, and digital screens into smart touchpoints. Add technology to products and equipment to track usage, detect service issues, manage warranties, auto-replenish supplies, and more.

Training and

Embed commerce capabilities into training and education platforms. Infosys Equinox helps support subscriptions, manages entitlements, and enables in-app purchases for premium content and features.