Headless, independent, API-first, cloud-native, and any cloud microservices.
Choose your custom mix to bring your unique digital vision to life


Deploy our suite of microservices end-to-end or use them a-la-carte in any cloud as you need. Empower your business with user-friendly tools and make your IT agile. Built with best-of-breed open stack technologies, Infosys Equinox microservices are the most flexible and extensible on the market.


Connect products, pricing, inventory and recommendations to any experience or touchpoint. Tailored to every B2C or B2B use case, Infosys Equinox supports multiple catalogs and price lists. Augment shopping with search, product ratings, reviews, and recommendations.


Manage content and product data through an intuitive interface. Enrich products with static and dynamic attributes, flexible data fields, and fast-and-easy bulk import and export.


Create and manage unlimited price lists across geographies and currencies. Easily model complex pricing including volume discounts, bundling, subscriptions, and variable and floor pricing at the channel, store, customer type, or account level.


Manage inventory from multiple warehouses and fulfilment sources, including retail store fulfilment. Set low stock and out-of-stock alerts. Integrate real-time inventory to support endless aisle, buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS), and reserve in store with full admin control.


Pre-integrate with your catalog, manage display rules, synonyms, redirects, and typeahead behavior through your admin portal. Apply boost and bury rules, curate results, track metrics such as top keywords, add-to-cart, conversions, AOV, null results, and exits.


Visually manage categories and landing pages with drag-and-drop tools. Manage product taxonomy, filters and facets, and build rules-based collections. Easily add and update banners, schedule cutovers and rollbacks, target customer segments, and blend content with commerce.


Generate product-related and personalized cross-sells and upsells with machine learning and configurable merchandizing rules. Embed contextual and personalized product carousels into articles, landing pages, store displays, AR/VR experiences and more.

Ratings and reviews

Collect customer reviews and star ratings and serve them anywhere - on-site, in-app, and in-store.



Administer all aspects of customer and account information through robust business user tooling built into Infosys Equinox. Manage B2B customer account roles and permissions, workflows, contract and service terms, and more. In addition, manage authorization for your own back-office users.


Create and manage customer information across B2C and B2B properties, from user registration and orders to identities, passwords, address books, and profiles. Control privacy and consent settings for GDPR compliance. Connect profile data to customer service apps, chatbots, self-serve apps, loyalty programs, and more.

B2B accounts

Enable B2B admins to self-onboard (with or without approval), add sub-users and configure roles/permissions, allocate budgets, define workflows, and authorize approvals. Administer account-level user roles and permissions, and catalog access. Control recurring transactions, payment, shipping, and credit terms.

B2B approvals

Enable B2B customers to manage their own user accounts, permissions, and spending limits, and provide reports on users’ purchases. Support tiered, limit-based or product-based approvals, email-based workflow, and notifications.


Keep contractual agreements up to date in real-time, including pricing and discount negotiations, minimum order quantities, priority fulfilment, shipping methods and discounts, consignment and buy-back terms, warranties, service agreements, incentives and more.


Maintain fine-grained control over permissions for back-office users to access and modify data with an audit trail of changes. Create custom roles based on your business requirements.



Support transactions across B2B and B2C environments and touchpoints. Use any or all of Infosys Equinox transactional and order management microservices to support checkout, payment, logistics, and post-purchase care, and integrate with best-of-breed service providers.

Cart and checkout

Make any touchpoint transactional and any cart omni-channel. Let buyers build a unified cart across brands and sites. Support split payments, B2B ordering rules, wish lists, and save for later options. Integrate with payment gateways, shipping, fraud, tax, and promotion services.

Address validations

Prevent fraud and reduce undeliverable packages with built-in international address validation service (AVS).


View and manage orders across multiple channels such as digital and physical stores, mobile apps, POS, call centers, IoT devices, and marketplaces – all in one place. See customer information, promotions and taxes applied. Update, cancel, refund, appease, duplicate or route orders. Manage fulfillment across multiple warehouses and carriers, including split shipments. Manage returns, order cancellations, and track status and workflow.


Stay on top of all your tax requirements. Interface with leading online tax providers and provide fail-safe taxation at the per-geo and per-SKU level. Accelerate integration with Infosys Equinox tax partners in our app marketplace.


Support multiple payment providers using a single interface. Extend to any channel, touchpoint, or application in your ecosystem. Make quick changes and add or remove payment providers anytime.


Calculate shipping costs by cart contents, shipping method, delivery addresses, or B2B contracts. Configure and manage shipping logic including delivery areas, shipping restrictions, and rate calculation rules, and integrate with rate shopping services.


Enable recurring billing for physical and digital goods, services, and memberships. Support pre-bill and post-bill with any subscription period and terms, and auto-retry charges on failed payments. Configure special pricing, create subscription offers, allow buyers to specify quantities and replenishment schedules, and specify default shipping methods on physical goods.


Provide custom quotes online to B2B buyers and distributors. Allow customers to request a quote, or build and send a custom quote. Adjust prices on a quote request and respond with a proposal. Manage internal approvals on pricing, discounts, and terms.



Infosys Equinox has everything you need for store set-up, orchestration, administration, and operations. Allow authorized users to onboard, set up, and map associated microservices and service collections by store. Enable teams to manage day-to-day operations of each microservice.

Business onboarding

Rapidly set up unlimited storefronts in the cloud and manage through a dedicated admin panel. Choose your mix of microservices for each business-specific need, and manage extensions and plug-ins.

Storefront orchestration

Orchestrate interactions between different services in a request-response pattern. Streamline and optimize frequent and repeatable processes for fast and accurate end-to-end processing.


Index, import, and export data from multiple sources and convert to usable formats. Use feeds for catalog, storefront orchestration, customers, loyalty, and merchandizing.


Manage notifications for any event triggered by business users or customers. Integrate with leading notification vendors to sync with SMS messages, push notifications, and email.


Create and view reports from multiple data sources including Google Analytics (with pre-integrated GA tagging). Support line-level order, product, and wish-list reporting. See open and abandoned carts and checkouts and view promotion performance. Create custom dashboards and audit logs.



Bring your own solutions from the wider market, or leverage Infosys Equinox’s robust cross-functional headless microservices.


Configure and target offers and pricing incentives across channels, including CSR and POS. Manage complex rules visually and without IT through an admin panel. Support different types of coupon codes (single-use, multi-use, or any combination of user, usage, and time), control stacking, and manage discount limits. Use project-based workflow approval with audit trail and versioning for each promotion.


Empower customers to earn, track, and redeem rewards across brands, devices, and channels for purchases, engagement, referrals, special occasions, or promotional campaigns. Integrate redemption options including vouchers, coupons, products-in-kind, cashback, pay with points, gift or donate points and more. Integrate with existing OMS, CRM, personalization engines, or user management systems through secure and scalable APIs.


Allow registered and guest shoppers to create favorites, save for later, wish-lists, registries, and more across B2C and B2B sites. Enable users to make their favorites private or public, and share via their social network, SMS, or email.

Store locator

Support a store finder for unlimited locations across all devices with advanced search capabilities, managed through a dedicated admin panel. Sync store information such as location, hours, and events. Integrate with your choice of map provider.