Flexible implementation and deployment.
Use Infosys Equinox to expand your horizons.

Find Your

Built for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities, Infosys Equinox is the only commerce platform you will need. Use what you want, where you want. Infosys Equinox is backed by Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting.



Turnkey commerce

Use the full suite of Infosys Equinox microservices for a cutting-edge, MACH-ready, commerce solution out of the box. Launch in 6 weeks or less.


Composable commerce

Pick and choose microservices à la carte on Infosys Equinox to augment your existing platform and interoperate with third-party commerce capabilities.


Build-your-own platform

Use the Infosys Equinox framework as your foundation to build a bespoke, future-ready commerce system that evolves with your business.



Shared cloud

Looking to migrate quickly? Use the Infosys Equinox multi-tenant SaaS option for turnkey commerce. Customize your orchestration and business flows, leverage pre-built integrations, and enjoy the versatility and scalability of headless commerce.


Dedicated cloud

Want a hosted/managed solution tailored to your needs? Infosys Equinox provides a single-tenant SaaS option that is fully customizable and allows you to use third-party microservices or build your own. Deploy in the cloud of your choice and take your platform on-premise at any time.


Custom deployment

Prefer to host by yourself or with an SI partner? Infosys Equinox’s containerized and flexible on-premise or cloud deployment plugs seamlessly into your environment. Adopt our orchestration, DevOps pipeline, and the microservices you want, and use our open framework to build your own platform.

Stay on

Infosys Equinox is architected to provide flexibility without compromise. Our approach enables you to extend and override any of our APIs in a separated layer, to ensure you will always remain on the upgrade path.

Your Horizons

Digital goes beyond commerce. Infosys Equinox supports your entire digital transformation journey. Use our orchestration layer and framework to power microservices across your enterprise.

Your Trusted

Backed by Infosys, the global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, tap into over 25,000 collective years of e-commerce experience with our professional services. We can manage your implementation, cloud infrastructure, DevSecOps, and custom development. Alternatively, we can implement your solution, build your DevOps pipeline and monitoring dashboards, and hand over the keys to you.