Unify commerce and communications with powerful marketing capabilities,
seamlessly synced with Infosys Equinox.

Intel that

Turn your 360° customer view into revenue. Infosys Equinox Marketing Cloud provides everything you need to build comprehensive customer profiles, drive 1-1 personalization, self-optimize strategies, and maximize customer lifetime value.


Decode your customer’s DNA using next-gen analytics. Consumer genome dynamically captures unlimited attributes including online/offline buying behavior, engagement across touchpoints, social interactions, social graph data, and campaign responses to build rich profiles. Use these insights provided by Infosys Equinox to drive targeted content, merchandizing, and offers across all your digital properties and marketing channels.


Deliver hyper-personalized experiences with the power of AI. Leverage predictive analytics to serve the right products, promotions, and prompts to the right people. Infosys Equinox empowers you with self-learning algorithms to optimize campaigns and ensure that the most effective merchandise and messaging are served to your consumers.


Your marketing is multi-channel to cater to the multi-channel nature of customer journeys. With Infosys Equinox, leverage rich analytics and attribution across channels to optimize marketing spend and maximize customer acquisition, retention, and ROI.

Loyalty Marketing

Take your loyalty program to the next level. Infosys Equinox offers a software + service option with a campaign engine to drive personalized loyalty marketing campaigns, tracking tools to measure success, and expert insights to optimize your program. Discover new ways to leverage and monetize your customer data.