In today’s post-pandemic, inflationary environment, digital leaders are looking for the right investments to win the e-commerce game.

If you’re curious what factors drive the digital performance across top global companies in 2023, we’re excited to share the inaugural launch of the Digital Commerce Radar 2023 research report.

The Infosys Knowledge Institute surveyed 2,500 enterprise leaders (revenues >$500M) across 12 industries and 20 countries to compile data-driven insights around 38 key digital commerce capabilities that drive business performance.

Why read this report?

Inside, you’ll find the 38 key digital commerce capabilities that impact performance across five stages of the customer journey: discovery, evaluation, purchase, after-sales and continuous engagement.

You’ll learn:

  • What digital capabilities are table stakes in our post-pandemic environment
  • How these capabilities impact performance across strategic, operational, customer and financial metrics
  • What capabilities are most frequent among the top performing quartile of respondents
  • How personalization and automated analytics impact results
  • The payment strategy that’s most positively correlated with business performance
  • Which systems integrations are most strongly connected to business outcomes
  • Why adopting MACH architecture alone is not positively correlated with business performance
  • How ecommerce leadership impacts results

Included are recommendations for evaluating your own digital commerce organization and operations across 3 “horizons” (H1: table stakes, H2: present focus and H3: future investments), and how to align initiatives with best-practices and future-proof technology across six dimensions:

  • Organizational structure
  • Technology architecture
  • Digital capabilities
  • Systems integration
  • Payments
  • Analytics

Want to learn more about the digital commerce capabilities that drive business performance?

Download the research report to learn more.

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