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Going headless to get ahead in EdTech

A pandemic and sudden shift to virtual learning opened an opportunity for a $200M Indian EdTech firm to launch a digital classroom program for 150,000 students.

Results at a Glance


students onboarded


new students attracted


existing students enrolled

EdTech firm achieved a market leadership position, rapidly onboarding over 150,000 existing students. Business growth accelerated with over 50,000 new students purchasing various learning products.


As a new initiative, and in response to rapidly changing market conditions, the client needed to launch fast with:

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    An end-to-end solution that connected course delivery, customer relationship management and commerce

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    A way to embed transaction capabilities into key touchpoints

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    Reporting and analytics that can be delivered to internal and end users

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    The ability to leverage existing client resources, including a network of sales agents and business portals


Infosys integrated Infosys Equinox microservices seamlessly with internal companion platforms Wingspan (learning management), Meridian (CRM) and Zoom to achieve a holistic system, allowing the client to:

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    Publish, organize, search, and consume learning content, conduct assessments and publish results and comprehensive analytics

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    Enable students to pay for live and on-demand classes, tightly integrated with CRM

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    Allow students to personalize their learning modules to fit their academic and career goals

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    Sync integrated data with various sales and marketing channels to promote learning products


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