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Frictionless customer service: Monolith to Microservices adoption

A leading mobility carrier serving 100Mn+ end-customers was looking to replace its rigid B2B monolith with microservices to extend to a new B2B2C self-service portal.

Results at a Glance


Reduced cost (vs full refactoring)


B2B2C end users


from B2B2C portal

The self-serve portal now supports over 10M end customers and 800K B2B accounts, driving $12B of annual trade.

The portal hosts 16K products across 1000+ sales catalogs and has reduced processing time by over 500% (from an average of 10 minutes through manual processes, to less than 2 minutes with digital self-serve).


The legacy IBM WebSphere platform was unable to support new B2B2C requirements, resulting in:

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    An inability to provide a digital way to manage their devices, plans and service add-ons

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    The reliance on intermediary agencies to provide this support

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    Loss in process efficiencies and direct revenue

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    Opportunity costs of not staying competitive with other carriers (market and revenue share)


The carrier chose to implement microservices incrementally over 18 months to take advantage of key benefits far sooner than a “big bang” migration, enabling:

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    Quick addition of ready-to-use services (Catalog, Pricing, Merchandising, B2B Accounts, Search and Promotions)

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    Systematic replacement of remaining WebSphere capabilities, in order of priority

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    Deployment in their existing private AWS cloud for seamless integrations with existing systems


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